Frequently asked questions

Who is managing the returns?

The returns are managed by our vendors. Your customers or your customer service can request returns and return labels.

Who is doing the fulfilment?

Once your customer purchases a cross-selling product, our vendors will deliver the product directly to your customers. Your customers will receive to packages. You do not have to do the fulfilment.

What kind of products will be shown?

We will automatically match the products in your basket with the best fitting cross-selling items from our vendor network. However, you can of course always manually interfere.

How difficult is the implementation?

Our API only needs to be implemented at two points in your customer journey. First, you have to request recommendations whenever you want to give your customers the chance to buy cross-selling items. This can be on the product page or in the basket. Second, you have to push the order information to our platform, once the order is done. It's that simple.

How can I ensure the quality?

We select only the best vendors in each country with the highest level of quality and service. Moreover, we monitor the vendor performance on an ongoing basis.

Do I need inventory?

No, you do not need any cross-selling inventory. All cross-selling products that you offer are stored at our partners' warehouses. You also do not have to purchase or onboard any product upfront.

Can I set the price?

Yes, you can always change the price manually for every product. However, we will provide you with a default price, maximising revenues and margins.

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