Do Cross Selling with no effort.

35up offers you the advantages of Cross-Selling without the disadvantages. No onboarding, matching or selection needed.
No manual matching

We do product onboarding and matching for you

At 35up we use the power of AI to make long lasting onboarding and matching of products obsolete.

Auto onboarding

There is no need for you to onboard the products from 35up. All required data is provided automatically.

Auto matching

You don't have to match or normalize the products to enable them to be used for cross-selling.

Auto selection

There is no need for you to manually select fitting products. Our algorithm understands what's fitting and complementary to the main product in the cart.
No fulfilment

Our platform partners take care of storage and fulfilment

The vendors on our platform take care of the product storage, fulfilment and returns for you.
You can focus on your core business.

Storage outsourced

You can use the product portfolio and the storage of our vendors like your own - you just don't have to take care of it.

Delivery done

Our partners ship your customers' orders directly to them. You can keep track of the status and the delivery.

Returns taken care of

Returns are directly shipped back to the vendor - you don't have to take care of it. 35up offers several return solutions, including a white label return portal.

Direct support access

If something goes wrong, you can directly contact the vendor customer support from the order overview.