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Automated Cross Selling Platform

Sell your products to millions of fitting customers

As automated Cross-Selling platform, 35up seamlessly integrates into the checkout process of online shops. This integration allows shoppers to discover products that perfectly complement their main purchase, offering them the convenience of adding these great finds to their basket with just a single click. By making your products available on 35up, you can tap into this streamlined shopping experience, presenting your offerings to customers at the perfect moment. Enhance your visibility and increase your sales by joining 35up today.

Sell products to millions of shoppers

Showcase your products to millions of eager shoppers on platforms integrated with 35up. Your offerings are highlighted to customers when they perfectly complement an item already in their basket, allowing for seamless addition with just a click. This targeted approach reaches users with a high readiness to purchase, maximizing your sales potential.

Set the prices and define availabilities

You have full control over your product's pricing strategy, setting both the purchase price and the recommended retail price for the end consumer. Additionally, you possess the flexibility to specify the countries where your product will be available, ensuring targeted market penetration tailored to your business strategy.

Sell to many, managed by us

Despite selling to thousands of customers across hundreds of shops, 35up simplifies your transactions by managing all billing processes. We ensure you receive your sales earnings promptly, acting as your sole contractual partner. Additionally, we streamline customer service, providing a unified point of contact for seamless support.

Integrate 35up in your standard work flow

The 35up vendor API allows for seamless integration into your existing workflow. Our comprehensive system enables you to push products, process orders, update statuses, and manage returns efficiently. Additionally, we provide robust solutions to enhance customer service, ensuring a streamlined experience for both you and your customers.

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