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While working at 35up I have discovered how much I love what I do for a living. I have never enjoyed working so much before, because this is a place that has allowed me to grow professionally and personally, that allows me to have an ideal work-life balance and improve my overall quality of life. Here you will find people that care about you, support you, people with whom you can work but also laugh and joke. I have not had one stressful day since I joined, everything is planned in a timely manner, so that nothing interrupts your planned work or your personal life. We make decisions together and we work as a team, sharing knowledge, responsibility and accountability. Here you have complete freedom and trust from your employers because they know and understand that is the best way to gain employees loyalty in a way that comes naturally.

Backend Developer

The thing I enjoy most in working with 35up is the climate of trust, freedom and personal growth radiated by the management:
I can work from home as much as I want (and I actually do), vacation days are not being counted, and I have a solid learning budget at my disposal for improving my skills.
Together with the cooperative relationship to my friendly coworkers, this contributes heavily to both my life happiness and work productivity.

Backend Developer

I really like to work with 35up, it's a super nice atmosphere!
We have easy access to our superiors, resulting in excellent communication in the company.

We can constantly increase our knowledge, learn new technologies and share our experiences.

As we really work together there is no blame, everyone takes responsibility and works together to develop what is needed. As I always say: we are not numbers, we have real value for the company!

Frontend Developer
Remote or Not

Our home base is Berlin. However, you can work from everywhere in the world, or just from your living room.

Unlimited vacations

Take us much vacations as you want - no joke. We trust each other and the vacation needs may differ from year to year.

Learning budget

We want to allow everyone to learn new skills and make new experiences. So everyone can spend 1.500€ a year on learning.

Flexible hours

We understand different working rhythms. Whenever possible, you can choose when to work your hours yourself.

Remote work budget

Remote work requires a good camera, a screen, a mic, keyboard and a mouse. So we provide you with a budget to buy the necessary equipment.

Joint events & sport

Due to remote work, on the day to day business, we see most of our colleagues only on the screen. To keep the great atmosphere we come together for joint events.

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Join our journey to help every online shop keep up with the big marketplaces. We are a small team with a huge vision, so everyone matters. View our open positions below and apply. We are looking forward to getting to know you!
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