It's AI powered -
but you always have full control.

35up can manage everything for you - but if you want to interfere and control the product selection or the prices you can do that easily.
Product selection

Fully control which products are recommended

You know your customers best. Select, boost or filter products and categories that your customers are more likely to buy.

Deactivate products

Deactivate any product that you don't want to recommended or sell in your shop.

Boost products

Define the likelihood that your customers like a certain product and the algorithm will include it in the decision making.

Pin products

Define which cross-selling products should always be matched to your portfolio (coming soon).

Filter products

Deactivate any product category that you don't want to recommended or sell in your shop.
Price definition

Fully control the prices of the products

35up provides a recommended selling price for every product on the platform, that will generate you up to 40% margin.
But since you have full control, you can overwrite every price. Either on a product level or rule based.

Overwrite prices

Overwrite every price for every product.

Price rules

Define price rules for products, based on category, tag or country.

Local prices

You can define different prices for each country, reflecting the currency and the purchasing power.