A recommendation engine built for Automated Cross Selling

Our recommendation engine stands alone in its inception, meticulously crafted from the ground up specifically for cross selling. Far from suggesting products merely because they are similar or frequently purchased together, we dive deep to truly understand your offerings. This enables us to identify and recommend products that truly complement each other. Our goal is to enrich your customers' shopping experience, encouraging the purchase of multiple products in a single, seamless journey.
Sell your customer one multiple products.
Made for Cross Selling

Recommending complementary products

We go beyond the usual "similar or frequently bought together" suggestions. By delving deeply into the essence of your offerings, we unlock the power to pair products that genuinely enhance each other. It's not just about making connections; it's about creating the perfect match.
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No manual matching

We do product matching for you

At 35up we use the power of AI to make long lasting matching of products obsolete.

Auto onboarding

There is no need for you to onboard the products to 35up. Either you upload the product feed, make an API request or use one of our apps to sync products.

Auto matching

You don't have to match or normalize the products to enable them to be used for cross-selling.

Auto selection

There is no need for you to manually select fitting products. Our algorithm understands what's fitting and complementary to the main product in the cart.