Sell complementary products and services you don't have.

Offer your customers complementary products and services from 3rd party providers and earn a big margin with every additional transaction.
Up to 35%
Of orders with additional cross-selling
Up to 40%
additional margin with cross-selling
Vendor Network

Sell millions of complementary products from 1 platform

Our platform of vendors allows you to sell millions of complementary products, including insurances and services.
And we keep on expanding to offer the best possible experience
for you and your customers.

Sell products

35up vendors offer millions of great cross-selling items like accessories or books

Sell insurances

Offer insurances for all your products

Sell services

Sell fitting additional services or subscriptions to your products

Offer donations

Help to make the world a better place - offer the possibility to make fitting donations or carbon offset
One fits all

One Integration is enough for your basket

With the 35up integration you can do everything that you need to increase your basket value. No more need for specific integrations per insurer, vendor or country.

Every vendor

35up standardises the vendor product catalog,
so it looks the same for all of them.

Every insurer

The plugins and the API work equally great
for products, insurances and services.

Every country

35up is present internationally. There is no need for new
partners and integrations if you grow into other countries.

For now, and in the future

We are expanding our platform continuously,
however you don't have to adjust the integration to benefit from your vendors or services.