How refurbed significantly increases margins with smart cross-selling

November 7, 2023


Kilian Kaminski, Klaus Wegener


Amazon only earns 35% of its total turnover through cross-selling of matching accessories, warranty & insurance or complementary products. "Customers also bought" and "matching" are certainly familiar to everyone. While it is easy for Amazon to use cross-selling so successfully for itself due to all the data it has collected, other eCommerce companies often try it without much success. Too time-consuming, too expensive, too little conversion. We hear this all the time in direct discussions with eCommerce teams.

Target Audience

This webinar is perfect for eCommerce professionals, from managers to executives, looking to enhance their online stores' revenue through effective cross-selling strategies. It's especially beneficial for those facing challenges with integrating cross-selling into their checkout processes, seeking actionable insights and proven solutions to improve their sales metrics and customer experience.


  • Introduction to Automated Cross-Selling as a Revenue Driver
  • The Amazon Model: Understanding How 35% of Revenue Comes from Cross-Selling
  • Common Challenges in Cross-Selling for eCommerce Businesses: Complexity, Cost, and Conversion
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Strategies for Effective Cross-Selling
  • Best Practices and Insights with Kilian Kaminski, Co-Founder of
  • Implementing Cross-Selling in Your Online Shop to Increase Sales
  • Q&A Session: Your Questions Answered