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Increase your basket size 11% with

Automated Cross Selling

Sell your customers additional complementary products and services. Promote your offerings or explore 35up's platform, featuring millions of compatible items and insurances
Millions of products and services available for cross selling
Automated matching to your products
Seamless and easy integration
Trusted by
+ 11%
increase of overall basket size
+ 40%
additional margin with cross selling
+ 35%
of orders with additional cross selling
Automated Cross Selling Platform

Boost your basket value with Automated Cross Selling

35up empowers seamless automated cross selling by identifying optimal product pairings from your inventory or through our extensive partner network. Our automated system ensures a perfect match, managing everything from selection to fulfilment, while you maintain complete control.

Recommend your complementary products

Elevate your sales by selling more than just one product to your customers. Enhance their shopping experience by suggesting complementary products that are both relevant and appealing. Display these matched products on the product detail page or at checkout to not only increase basket size and profit margins but also to delight your customers with a comprehensive one-stop shopping journey.
Sell more products

Sell products from partner network

Enhance your offerings by integrating third-party products and services, even if your current portfolio lacks them. This approach allows you to present your customers with an array of complementary options, significantly boosting your profit margins with each transaction. Our expansive vendor network unlocks access to millions of diverse products and services, ensuring you can always offer the perfect match for any customer need
Leverage vendor network

Get all products automatically matched

Automate your cross-selling strategy with our advanced algorithms, designed to understand your products and customers, seamlessly matching the most relevant cross-selling items to enhance your portfolio. As your product offerings evolve, our system dynamically updates recommendations, ensuring a continuously optimized and effortless cross-selling experience.
Automate Cross Selling

Keep full control over products

Leverage your insight into customer preferences to tailor your product offerings more effectively. With the capability to select, emphasize, or exclude specific products and categories, you ensure that your recommendations align with what your customers are most inclined to purchase. This customization ensures that every product suggestion remains true to your brand's identity.
Check controls

One Automated
Cross Selling
Platform to increase your basket size.

Boost your sales potential with 35up's all-in-one integration. Increase basket value effortlessly by offering complementary products, insurances, digital goods, services, CO2 offset solutions, and more  that align with your customers' basket items.

Complementary products and accessories

Matching insurances and warranties

Third party accessories

Supplemental digital goods and services

With 35up’s Embedded Cross-Selling platform, we generate additional revenue and margin, without any risk regarding inventory or fulfillment.
The full integration via API was done in a few weeks, and since we have full control over the user interface and the embedded products, the experience for our customers is just as good as before.

Peter Windischhofer

35up is a reliable partner and we generate additional margin  with them. We only needed to connect the API and since then, we’re selling additional products. For our customers, everything seems to be coming from us. Due to the success with ergobag, we will also implement 35up in two additional stores of ours.

Kilian Breuer
Network of possible integrations
Seamless and easy

Integration made simple

Use our API, from Developers for Developers, to gain maximum flexibility. Our SDKs will support you along the way.
Or skip the integration effort all together and use our one click Plugins for the most popular shop systems or the No Code Solution.

Complementary Recommendations

Matching your complementary products automatically

35up expertly navigates your product portfolio, seamlessly identifying complementary products that perfectly align to form enticing bundles.
Offer your customers complementary products
Sell your customers more than one product per checkout
Let our automated matching of products do the work
Additional products

Fitting accessories and complementary products

The 35up platform offers over 4 mio. physical products that can be offered to your customers as an accessory or complementary product.
Offer your customers a One-Stop-Shop experience
Avoid your customers having to buy accessories on large online market places - away from your own show
Earn a large margins on any additional transaction made
Additional services

Fitting services or digital goods

35up offers digital products, subscriptions and services (e.g. repair service) that you can offer and sell to your customers.
Offer your customers additional digital services such as carbon footprint offsetting products
Social impact: Allow customers to donate to a social cause
Earn a large margin on any additional transaction made
Additional insurances

Pre-selected matching insurances

Present your customers with additional, corresponding, and complementary insurance choices that perfectly complement their main item in the basket.
Offer your customer additional value by preselection the right insurance
Have a frequent touchpoint with your customer
Earn a large margin on any additional transaction made